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back-form aerodynamic


  1. A heavier-than-air craft, deriving its lift from motion.


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expert-subject Aircraft An aerodyne is a heavier-than-air aircraft which derives lift from motion. By contrast, an aerostat (such as a balloon) uses buoyancy to fly.

Types of aerodynes

There are several types of aerodynes, including:

Fixed-wing aerodynes

All aerodynes that owe lift to their wings are fixed-wing aerodynes. The most common example is the aeroplane. Other examples include hang gliders and lifting bodies. (A convertiplane is a fixed-wing aircraft that achieves flight by the physical rotation of its engines.)

Rotary-wing aerodynes

Helicopters are the most widely known, but autogyros, gyrodynes, and tiltrotors are other types of rotary-wing aerodynes.


An ornithopter is an aircraft that is neither a fixed-wing nor a rotary-wing craft. It obtains lift by the flapping of its wings in a bird-like fashion.

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